Foam Cut for JuneSky Drone

CCI fabricated a foam drone body for the JuneSky entry into the Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC) competition. JuneSky provided the CAD design for their flying wing drone, which CCI rendered on the in-house Thermwood 4x8 CNC router, using a 2-inch sheet of pink insulation foam from Home Depot.

Drone out of pink insulation foam from Home Depot.

The drone body is now being assembled and will be launched within the next week or so. Check out the video of the drone coming out of the foam block below. 

Contact CCI for more information on our drone body fabrication resources.

New CNC operator in training

The Chicago Composite Initiative (CCI) works to create sustainable and desirable advanced manufacturing jobs in Chicago. Part of what we do is teaching new skills to professional adults who want to supplement their knowledge of the advanced manufacturing industry.

Steve McNulty recently moved back from Singapore where he worked in international trading markets. He decided to explore other industries and contacted CCI with the goal of learning a new skill and getting back into the flow of things in Chicago. We are happy to have him since he brings with him a wealth of diverse work expereinces that will contribute to the ultimate goal of CCI: creating new, desirable and sustainable jobs in Chicago.

Check out Steve at work in the video below.

CNC cutting wood circles for local carpeting supplier.