Employment and Internship Opportunities

CCI Openings:

CST Sign & Manufacturing's Thermwood CNC Machine in Chicago.

Advanced Manufacturing Assistant - experience in CAD, BobCAD, post processing, and CNC machining. Near 48th and California in Chicago.

CCI is looking to hire 1-2 part time Advanced Manufacturing Assistants (AMA) to work at our shop near 48th Place and California in Chicago, just a few minutes from Midway Airport. An AMA works in the center of our manufacturing operation and is responsible for a number of important jobs. When a customer's CAD files come in, the AMA will go through the file to see if it contains all the needed data for manufacturing, then the AMA will create all needed post process files using BobCAD. We operate a water jet cutter, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, and a CNC machine.

The majority of the work will be on our Thermwood C40 3-axis CNC router. Any background in CNC would be a plus, but it is definitely not required. Any candidate must be very comfortable with all sorts of 3D and CAD computer file programs. Customers send all sorts of files and our AMA needs to know how to get into any of these files, they need to pull out the data that we need and leave the unneeded parts behind. If the customer doesn't provide the right data, the AMA needs to know what is missing and then how to properly describe these needs to the customer.

The Chicago Composite Initiative has a goal of creating sustainable and desirable jobs in Chicago. We work in the custom carbon fiber automotive parts industry as well as in racing boats, contemporary office interiors, custom signage and facility design consulting. We also work heavily in STEM education and in job skills training. We are looking for someone who will fit well in our circle of custom fabricators, advanced manufacturers, and folks with big ideas and fascinating goals.

We work to create jobs in Chicago. We encourage our workers to share their ideas and their goals, so there is room for your own work as well.

Email your resume/CV with a summary of past BobCAD experience. Pay commensurate with experience. 

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- call 773.354.6311 with questions - 


Chicago Partner Business Openings:

Materials Assistant working on carbon fiber car parts at Fiberworks in Chicago.

Materials Assistant - experience in fiberglass, auto-body work, or carpentry needed. Near 47th and Tripp in Chicago.

Local carbon fiber businesses are looking to hire Materials Assistants (MA) for their expanding businesses. Any candidate must be comfortable with sanding and forming high-end carbon fiber automotive parts with an excellent attention to detail. These companies create car show quality components and needs someone who has a background in automotive body work, custom carpentry, or painting. Pay is good and the work space is relaxed and informal. The only demand is to work hard and to do it well. 

Email your resume with a summary of your past work experience. 

email info@chicagoci.org - 


Spring/Summer Internships:

CCI is accepting resumes for our spring and summer sessions. Interns will learn every aspect of the advanced manufacturing process, from idea to product shipped to the customer's hands. Interns will work with materials like carbon fiber and Kevlar, they will learn to operate large tools like laser cutters and CNC machines. Experience in CAD and 3D computer programs is important. We also only want candidates who identify with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). You don't have to be the best student in school, but you have to have a strong interest in this field. This is not after-school child care. This is real learning by doing.

Email your resume with a cover letter that tells us why you want to learn about advanced manufacturing. What do you daydream about building? What are your goals? Do you want to design a rocket to Mars? Nothing is too far-fetched for us.  

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- call 773.354.6311 with questions -